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67m³ solar balloon seen from below


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3.6m³ Solar hot air balloon 3.6m³ Solar hot air balloon
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Solar balloon / solar hot air balloon 3.6m³

(Metric system)
Ideal for beginners in the manufacture of solar balloons.
Characteristic: An aircraft for less than 3€!
  • Volume: 3.6m


  • Surface: 11.6m


  • 19mm adhesive: 5m
  • Thrust **: ≃ 324g
  • Envelope weight: 195g
  • Payload: 50g
  • Matter: 30 50L garbage bags, low-end
  • Matter: LDPE (low density polyethylene), thickness 16µ
Ease manufacturing  4.5/5
Manufacturing cost  0.5/5 < than 3€

** Reference thrust: 90g/m³ (Latitude: 46.7°N - Month: July - Time: 8 am UTC)


50L garbage bags Cut the bottom Stack
Choose low-end 50L garbage bags, with closing ties.

Open the bottom of the garbage bags, 10 by 10. Stack 10 garbage bags.
Open the bags 2 soldering sheets Solder twice
Open the garbage bags, 10 by 10, according to the cutting plan. Prepare 2 sheets for welding. Weld twice, following the welding plan. You get 1 gore.


3D design Catia V5 Dassault Systèmes

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