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67m³ solar balloon seen from below


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The material used is low density polyethylene (LDPE) or high density (HDPE). At equal strength, HDPE is lighter than LDPE. Commonly, you will find LDPE trash bags. Systematically, choose low-end garbage bags. In fact, it's top of the range for the activity!
Garbage bags and mulch film

To weigh:

Weight is the enemy of anything that flies. I recommend that you bring a scale with an accuracy of 0.1g. For any realization, the surface of the balloon is provided. By weighing 1m² of material and multiplying by the area indicated, you will know if your balloon can fly.
Kitchen scale, precision = 0.1g


It is the action which consists in connecting two sheets of poyethylene between them, using a soldering iron. However, beware of welds. For a solar balloon from 0m³ to 6m³, the welds do not require reinforcement. Beyond that, reinforcement by adhesive is recommended.
Welding plan


If we do not exceed their mechanical limits, the adhesives are extremely reliable. They are used to reinforce welds, but also as anchor points, etc.
From 6m³ to 20m³,adhesive tape, width: 19mm.
From 20m³ to +,Wrapping adhesive tape, width: 50mm.
Fiberglass reinforced adhesive tape, width: 50 mm.
3 types of adhesive tape


The other enemy is the wind. It prevents the envelope from inflating correctly. The pressure in a solar balloon is low. It is insufficient to counter the pressure of a wind > 5 km/h on the envelope. I use theWindguru website or app for my wind forecasts - Free version -

Example of "good weather"

Your designs:

You can extrapolate the dimensions provided in the
plans orconsult me.Free quote.
Solar Balloon France


3D design Catia V5 Dassault Systèmes

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Solar airship

3 solar balloons


1st human flight in history in 1783, by the Montgolfier brothers

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