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67m³ solar balloon seen from below


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Ballon / montgolfière solaire 10m³ Ballon / montgolfière solaire 10m³
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Solar balloon / solar hot air balloon 10m³

(Metric system)
Fly your mobile phone and film your surroundings.
Characteristic: Solar balloon made in two parts!
  • Volume : 10m


  • Surface : 23.6m


  • 19mm adhesive: 55m
  • Thrust ** : ≃ 900g
  • Envelope weight: 472g
  • Payload: 250g
  • Matter: 36 100L garbage bags, low-end
  • Matter: LDPE (low density polyethylene), thickness 20µ
Ease manufacturing  3.5/5
Manufacturing cost  0.5/5 < than 20€

** Reference thrust: 90g/m³ (Latitude: 46.7°N - Month: July - Time: 8 am UTC)


Solar balloon manufacturing plan 10m³

Tie with adhesive Fix the loops Reinforce welds
Tie the loops to a 19mm double adhesive tape.

Insert the loops into the holes and secure them using the adhesive. Fold down the bottom of the balloon and reinforce the vertical and horizontal welds.
Flip like a sock Assemble the lines The end
Turn the solar balloon inside out like a sock. What was outside is now inside. Fix the lines in the loops. Here is the solar balloon ready to fly.


3D design Catia V5 Dassault Systèmes

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Solar airship

3 solar balloons


1st human flight in history in 1783, by the Montgolfier brothers

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